I need a champion

19 10 2014

THE RUDIMENTS of ramen – and the inevitable love for it – I got from two things from my youth.  First, that blue pillow pouch of Nissin’s Ramen, which I loved for the sesame oil that came in a separate packet and would never make it to the soup (Haha!).  Second, those Japan TV documentaries that used to air on RPN9 or IBC13.

What these taught me are that the essence of sesame and a really good broth are essential to the authentic enjoyment of really good ramen.  The third component – the perfect doneness of the ramen noodles – I’ve got down pat ever since I was a kid.  Somehow, I’ve always known just exactly how any kind of noodle should be “done”.  I’ve been toying with the concept of being a “foodie” probably even before that word even came to be.

My affair with the ramen got rekindled on a recent couple–hour layover at the Tokyo–Narita Airport.  After braving the packed Tokyo Banana store, elbowing my way through to snatch 10 boxes and come out of the whole experience alive, I just had to have a steaming bowl of honest–to–goodness Japanese ramen.

I haven’t been back in Japan for like, forever, so I thought any ramen place would do.  I ordered the miso–based at the one closest to my boarding gate.  There was a long queue.  As one of my guiding mantras says, “A line is always a good sign.”

I took a snap of my bowl of ramen – both to (hopefully) capture just how inviting it was; and as homage to this generation of shoot–first–eat–later.

But I was so glad I did.  Because it was as if that bowl of ramen was like an action movie waiting to happen.  It was “gone in 60 seconds.”

And the remaining layover time – and my speed – allowed for seconds.

My Tokyo-Narita Airport "layover" ramen.  This earns the movie monicker, "Gone in 60 Seconds"!

My Tokyo-Narita Airport “layover” ramen. This earns the movie monicker, “Gone in 60 Seconds”!


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