New babies

14 06 2011

A couple of new ones – "The Private" and another Time Teller in "Blue X", both by Nixon – get acquainted with Philip and my Green Lantern wristwatch.


I THINK I’m spoiling myself rotten.

But lately, there were just some wristwatches that had to be added to my collection.  I saw them in the shop windows and I couldn’t help but give them a home.

So here are some of my new babies.

Nixon's "The Private", white dial. Clean lines, uncomplicated display, substantial height to the solid stainless steel case, uniform width stainless steel bracelet, "enameled" crown.


"The Private" shares laptop top space with a Nautica.


Philip Stein and "The Private" on the way to dinner.


I debuted "The Private" at this dinner hosted by Mike & Thea at Restaurant Uno on Tomas Morato.


I've worn to work ALL four, all at the same time.


My new Nixon Time Teller, in the elusive "Blue X" color, aginst a backdrop of food and wristwatches (my laptop's wallpaper).


Wore my Nixon Time Teller "Blue X" with my 200-peso The Simpson's "Game Over" shirt.



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