The Presidential and Philip

30 09 2012

The Limited Edition Philip Stein “Oprah 25th Anniversary” wristwatch

WHILE I was making the purchase of a new Tissot, the lady of amiable nature a.k.a. the sales associate eyed the Philip Stein Large Signature wristwatch I had on and said, “That brand is quite popular with you Filipinos.  You’re Filipino, right?”

She went on, “I think (it) is because the endorser is the daughter of the President.”

I lifted my head up and before I could process which between her political commentary and her big hair is really more trapped in the 80’s, she made a comeback befitting of only a has–been politician or a washed–up superstar buoyed by the resurgence of career anchored on a spot on Dancing with the Stars.

“(She) is the sister of the President now, right?

And just like that, all is well in Wristwatch Land.

Whenever I arrange my watches to form this, I’m reminded of that line from the Pearl Jam song, delivered only by the legendary vocal growl that is Eddie Vedder’s, “…arms raised in a ‘V’…”


Four-year-old Philip Stein Signature Large


One-year-old Philip Stein Signature Large, Limited Edition. The watches are set against the beautiful stone inlay work on one of our solid wood coffee tables. This one was something I bought at a garage sale in the States, nine years ago, for $8.00! So shabby chic. Rachel Ashwell will be proud.


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Up in the air

17 03 2011

The view is perfect at 33,000 feet up in the air.

TRAVEL AFFORDS me a couple of things – the chance to enjoy God’s creation in a totally different place, and the opportunity to not back off from any culinary adventure.  But lest my second declaration comes back biting me from behind, I will say that that one’s dependent on the destination.

And where I was headed to last Sunday morning – where I am for a couple of weeks – is nothing short of the mecca of good food.

Ready to go!

I arrived at the NAIA a good three hours before my flight schedule but the line was already quite long.  Of box office-hit proportions, I texted my family and friends.  At the check-in counter, my luggage tipped the scale at 34.5 kilos, about 50% more than my limit.  I didn’t make a sound as I let the officer spend all the time she needed squinting her eyes and furrowing her brows at the display that was screaming, “excess baggage!”

“Sige Sir, ok lang yan!  (Ok Sir, it’s fine!)“

Wow.  And she even got me my favorite seat, the window seat right beside the airplane’s right wing.  I don’t know if it was the new perfume I had on or the red shorts I decided to wear but I also breezed through Immigration.  Unlike in the case of Brother, there wasn’t a Korean boyband nearby that threatened to steal my spotlight in front of the Immigration Officer who asked nothing but this lone question, “How long?”

I stood aghast!  How dare he ask me about my chin.  Oh, he meant my stay at my destination.  Hahaha!

All my bags were packed. And this plane was waiting for me.


Ready to board!


My carry-on luggage


I could go a thousand miles on these shoes! I hope my great friend Michael agrees!


Beginning to taxi on the runway


5... 4... 3... 2... 1... and...


And we're off!


Time of takeoff. Singapore Airlines has never failed me. They always leave on time!


Bye Manila!


See you again in a couple of weeks!


The flight wasn't turbulent at all that I decided to make one trip to the restroom. On flights, I ALWAYS have my seatbelt on.


One of the wing's flaps begin to open up and extend as we approach Singapore and prepare for landing.


I see land!


The flaps fully extended to prepare for landing


So many trees!


Kudos to the pilot for such a smooth landing!


Our President on front page news in the Straits Times. They're all over the airport.


My welcome party! My Singapore-based friends shown here, each volunteered to pick me up. I'm so happy they're around. My very own "porter", the Boy Wonder, took this shot.


The Boy Wonder is the epitome of service. No tip needed! Hahaha!


Thank you my dear friends!


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13 days to go

27 04 2010

ONLY 13 days left before the Philippines elects its new President by way of its first fully automated polls.  Unprecedented.

Who will it be?


Choose for our dear country's future!


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I read all night

22 11 2009

The Aquino Family on the cover of the December 2009 issue of YES! magazine.

I WAS given the December 2009 issue of YES! Magazine as pasalubong.  It was a very thoughtful present.

The issue is packed with 74 photos of the Aquino family in their Times Street home.  And the write-up was quite long.  I really read all night.  It was an engaging read that I couldn’t put it down, bathroom breaks notwithstanding.  As Christmas is fast approaching, the story devoted a large part on the family’s traditions – and the sumptuous spread they would have.

A couple of things about the late former Philippine president, Tita Cory, struck me.  I found it funny how she described her daughter Kris’s posing for the camera.  Hindi ko kinaya, natawa talaga ako.  And I found comfort in the fact that I’m not the lone full-word, full-sentence texter on this planet.  Tita Cory was.


*Will it be easy to ship this magazine to Singapore and the US West Coast?

*Is there something significant with the numbers “74” and “11” (7+4=11)?  74 photos in this cover story.  And the number 11 is bold, embossed and in yellow in the limited edition Cory Aquino wristwatch by Philip Stein.


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Now that’s inspiring!

3 11 2009
Noynoy Aquino - Hindi Ka Nag-Iisa Ad 00

Truly inspirational – Noynoy Aquino's political ad.

US PRESIDENT John F. Kennedy said it best when he enjoined his nation to “ask not what your country can do for you.  Ask what you can do for your country.”

Last Friday night, I saw its embodiment in Noynoy Aquino’s first political ad.  Now that’s a campaign.  Now that’s inspiring!

I’ve always been about the lyrics when it comes to songs, and for the first time since people vying for my country’s highest position have expressed their interest, it has only been with Noynoy Aquino’s ad that I truly feel proud to be Filipino.  That I can make the change I want to see in this world.

Yes, I may have been disenfranchised, but I shall do my best to speak my mind.  After all that we have gone through and after all that we have seen, we need someone to inspire us to be the very best that we can be, to help, to do our share.

The government is not about those in position.  It is about the power that rests in the consent of the governed.


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Wearing my heart around my wrist

22 09 2009
Swiss Army + Yellow Blue Baller IDs 00

The blue is for Mar. The yellow is for Noynoy.

I’M SO done with wearing my heart on my sleeve – I’ve actually never ceased doing that.  I’ve decided to wear it around my wrist this time for a change.

The yellow is for Noynoy.  And the blue is for Mar.  I can’t wait for the 2010 elections!


9 09 2009

TODAY marks the 40th day of former President Corazon Cojuangco Aquino’s passing.  Most everywhere I go, I still see yellow – a reminder of our nation’s beloved icon of democracy.

40 - Yellow for Tita Cory 00

Yellow ribbons are still around Town.


40 - Yellow for Tita Cory 02

I loved how the wind brought this ribbon to life. My camera just didn't really capture it.

In the flurry of the many things that were demanding my attention this morning – many approvals that had to be sent on their way – I was told by a colleague that Sen. Noynoy Aquino had already made at announcement at Club Filipino.

He has accepted the nation’s call.  He has responded to the invitation of destiny.

All the best to you Noynoy.  I could hear Kris’s voice ringing in my head, “Go, Noy!”

40 - Yellow for Tita Cory 03

IN ANTICIPATION OF SEPTEMBER 9th... I've never taken off my yellow Nike baller ID, a very simple homage to the late president and the Aquino family. Unlike the "livestrong" line, this one says "GOOOAL!"... how apropos to Noynoy's presidential bid.