Breaking the fast

24 06 2012

Breakfast Calling. A plate of crisp-fried danggit (rabbitfish), skinless longganisa (pork sausage), and PureFoods tender juicy hotdogs.

HAVE YOU ever stopped and wondered why the first meal of the day is called ‘breakfast’?  It is because if you, unlike me, do keep a healthy sleeping habit, there’s a good chance that it takes eight long hours between dinner or ‘midnight snack’ of the night before and the first time you put a nosh into your mouth the morning after.  When you do, you are actually breaking the fast.

Breakfast, much like the song-of-the-moment that blares into my ears on my way to work, helps set the tone for the day.  A good breakfast can put a spring into one’s step.  At the office cafeteria, I look forward to the mornings when they serve chee cheong fun – rice noodle rolls – doused in a black sweet sauce, riddled with toasted sesame seeds and anointed with roasted sesame oil worth a few turns around the plate.  I show up at the queue and the servers instantly know I’m there for chee cheong fun.  “eNTeNG, three, right?!”  My eating habits give me away every single time.

Equally important – if not more so – is the company with whom you share breakfast.  At work, I’ve been very fortunate to be remembered by a few of my colleagues and friends who never fail to send me the sweetest reminder:  “BreakfastNowSee you.”

With the right food, and the right company, you end up getting both your body and your soul nourished.  After a good breakfast, I always feel like I’m set to face the rest of my day.  I won’t go as far as telling life, “Bring it on!” because I don’t want to play with the tricks life can deal me with.  Suffice it to say, I’m just put in a great mood.

Outside work, I’ve been very fortunate to rediscover the friendship I have with a few people with whom I’ve had years-long professional relationships with.  I’ve been invited to meals at their places and I just feel so – What’s the word for it? – loved.

There’s this joke I would often crack to friends who share food with me.  “Be careful with feeding me.  I might not ever want to let you go.”

While they may be facing the fear of me as a potential constant in their lives, I hope they likewise feel my gratitude.

One particular breakfast that not only excited my palate but also conjured up feelings of a deep longing for home was one that had crisp-fried danggit (rabbitfish), skinless longganisa (pork sausage), and PureFoods tender juicy hotdogs, alongside garlic fried rice.

Now you see the kind of gratitude I feel.

This breakfast at my friend Cecille’s (Chubi) place culminated in a dessert of fresh strawberries and Nutella. Fab.


I pass by this playground attraction on my way to my friend’s place. Everytime I look at it, a part of me half-expects Andrew Garfield to come swinging down. Haha!

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Breakfast for a Superhero and then some

31 07 2009

WE ARE in between concessionaires for our office cafeteria.  And this week that serves as the transition period between the old and the new proved to be the worst as well.  I was actually just sailing along, but I have never realized just how bad the breakfast options have become than when I saw the very very sad look on Spider-man’s face yesterday.  He couldn’t decide which in the pile of supposed-to-be-crunchy “dilis” (fried dried anchovy) was still fit for human consumption.  He ended up munching on just four – exactly four!

So for today I thought about making breakfast!  I made corned beef, sunny side ups, eggs over easy, and fried SPAM lite.  Okay, not exactly something you could call “healthy,” but nevertheless home-cooked.  To balance off the “processed” part, I used only 100% pure canola oil.  And in the corned beef, I put lots of fresh roma tomatoes I blanched and peeled.  For the corned beef, I used Purefoods.

I usually share the breakfast table with Spider-man and some of my other friends.  So I hope they’ll like these.  And oh, for good measure, I brought a 375-gram bottle of Nutella chocolate hazelnut spread by Ferrero, and a loaf of Gardenia classic bread.

Kainan na!!!

Breakfast - Corned Beef

Sauteed Purefoods Corned Beef. The onions were super sweet! I first pan-fried them quickly in just a touch of 100% pure canola oil.


Breakfast - Spam & Egg

Halfway through the pile of SPAM lite and eggs. Half the eggs were sunny side ups, half were over easy.


Breakfast - Nutella

Chocolate you can lick! - Nutella by Ferrero.


Breakfast - The Bags 01

I don't have a cooler. So I made do with these bags. Hahaha! But the Takashimaya Singapore bag waas for something else.