Rachael Ray would be so proud

25 09 2011

Angel hair pomodoro in a jiffy!

EXAMPLE’S “KICKSTARTS” had been blaring into my ears – by way of my Blackberry Bold 9780 on full volume – but all that I could really hear playing in my head is Semisonic’s “Closing Time.”  True enough, by the time I got to stand in front of Formosa Delights’ stall at Nex Mall in Serangoon, the staff and crew – much as they love me (haha!) – just couldn’t turn the fire on and put a pot of broth on it to boil.  I guessed, unless I would be so heartless as to let them rinse off all of the foam and cleaning disinfectant they had been scrubbing on the stoves and countertops just so they could accommodate me.

I am not that heartless.  Not at 10:00 PM.

So I said goodbye, still with a smile on my face, though the grumbling in my stomach couldn’t be ignored.

Good thing I’m not entirely at the mercy of the food court or somebody else cooking for me.  Cooking is something that I can do in my sleep.  Unfortunately, on a night like this one when I would have surely dozed off the moment I turned the key and shut the door behind me, cooking would be quite a challenge.  Quite, but not entirely impossible.

So off I went to Fair Price Xtra upstairs, walked through the door, and waited for inspiration to kick in.  It did.  In the form of a tub of hydroponically grown Italian sweet basil.  Pesto first came to mind.  It came to mind just as fast as I threw it away.  For a pesto “purist” like me – mortar & pestle only, never a blender (ever again!) – there simply was no time for intensive manual labor near midnight.

Hydroponically grown Italian Sweet Basil, from Oh Chin Huat Hydroponic Farms PTE LTD, Product of Singapore... my moment's inspiration.

Good thing that one quick scan of the produce section revealed my all-time failsafe option – tomato and basil sauce for angel hair!  With just my bare hands, one actually holding my three mobile phones, I grabbed all that I needed to whip up a quick late supper – a jar of San Remo Tomato, Onion & Garlic Homestyle Pasta Sauce, fresh sweet basil, Millel shaved parmesan cheese, and of course, San Remo Angel Hair pasta!

Grabbed in one go! All the ingredients to whip up a quick pasta favorite.


I decided to add a can of Hunt's Diced Tomatoes (I stock up on these) to make up for not adding fresh plum tomatoes to the dish.

With just five to six minutes on the flame to make the sauce – the last couple of which also used to cook the pasta to al dente – no other dish could satiate my soul that very moment and fit to the limits set by the timepiece on my wrist.  I had my red Technomarine on.  How appropriate.


*For my recipes on Angel Hair Pomodoro, you may run a search here in my site.

With two pans on the burners... done in six to ten minutes!


My angel hair pomodoro, crowned with basil leaves, gilded with shaved parmesan cheese. Wonderful!


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