Jo to the world

18 04 2013

Ms. Jo and her “dearest eNTeNG,” meeting up in Singapore for the very first time ever. I love how she has always referred to me that way.

MANY PERSONALITIES make me up.  So it is always a monumental task for someone to get me “get me”.  When I find people who do, I try not to lose them.

Where I used to work, I have never been made to feel really understood or really important any better than by Ms. Jo Damian.  She used to be the Senior Executive Assistant to a number of our company’s General Managers (think, Country Managers) before taking on the role of Senior Human Resources Business Partner.  At some point, she was – for all intents and purposes – our HR Manager.  She was a major force behind getting us all here in the Lion City, although nothing was in store for her for doing so.  I guess she got something better – unspoken appreciation, lifelong gratitude, and much love.  She is guaranteed of those, at least from me.

I worked with her on the biggest and highest level programs, and together, we handled most of the Site’s communications.  Our collaborative efforts culminated with the coffee table book “Faces of Memory,” to commemorate all the men and women who were part of our former company.  Call it vain, pointless conceit but that book is on my all–time Top 10 List.  Hahaha!

Coffee Table Book Core Team 04

Our official photo as the Editorial Team of the coffee table book “Faces of Memory”. With Ms. Jo and me are Jack (left) and Alfie (right).


Coffee Table Book Core Team 01

This was actually my favorite of all the photos. Haha! I love to have been immortalized in this reclining position. Notice the two wristwatches I have on? I do love stacking them.


Coffee Table Book Core Team 03

I’ve always felt that Ms. Jo treats me like her own son. Although she’s more like my big sister.


Coffee Table Book - Dedications 00

Ms. Jo wrote me a note on this page of my copy of “Faces of Memory”.


Coffee Table Book Core Team 02

What Filipino photo shoot is complete without the requisite wacky shot?! Hahaha!

Ms. Jo was here for a couple of days last week.  And while I missed the dinner in her honor, I was at least able to take her to the airport and see her off.  I put more weight to the latter, knowing all too well that that is one gesture I do only for the truly deserving.

Thanks, Ms. Jo.  And I shall see you again!


We didn’t play with ramen. But we did have it for lunch. Alvin and I with Ms. Jo at Ajisen Ramen on the day of her flight back to Manila.



Welcome back to Changi Airport Terminal 2!



Ms. Jo took a Singapore Airlines flight back. I don’t know a better way to fly.



Just two small pieces of luggage – a check-in in her favorite shade of purple and a carry-on (which is actually her laptop). The red bag contained lots of her favorite Bee Cheng Hiang beef jerky. The lambskin leather bag is actually my Longchamp Parisi, just joining in for the group shot.



Ms. Jo knows me like the back of her hand. So when she had made it to the end of the line to the check-in, she knew that I would be grabbing that opportunity to snap shots away. She turned around on this one just in time to catch me striking a pose. Hahaha!



This is the proper one.



Alvin and Ms. Jo.



Then it was my turn.



Ms. Jo, in head-to-toe Marks & Spencer, against the backdrop of Changi Airport Terminal 2.



Spectacles – Ray-Ban Classic Wayfarers in white. T-shirt – “Last Night The DJ Saved My Life” from Malaysia. Bottoms – Adidas running shorts. Wristwatch – Philip Stein Signature Large. Bag – Longchamp Parisi in lambskin leather trimmed with cowhide and/or goat skin. Shoes – TOMS in red corduroy.



“Goodbye… it’s time for me to go…”



Just one more for the road



My reflection on the stainless steel frame of the departure area gate. We waited until Ms. Jo had cleared immigration.



One more time for a selfie!



Take away some FRESHNESS – a slice of New York Cheesecake and a venti Caramel Frappuccino.



eNTeNG, Starbucks Coffee, Changi Airport Terminal 2, Singapore.

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The Photography Enthusiast

2 05 2012

I’M NOT resorting to self-deprecating humor whenever I claim that I don’t think I photograph well.  I really don’t.  I know of some whose faces know no angles.  I’m not one of them.  So clearly I need someone who can go manual with his or her camera, play with the aperture and shutter settings, and snap an image of my likeness that won’t be hazardous to be beheld by the human eye.

Just that.  I’m not going for someone who would capture me bathed in the light of the hot Singaporean sun, suffused with an ethereal glow reminiscent of subjects in medieval art.  Just someone who would render my image fit for human visual consumption.

One such photographer – or photography enthusiast, as I love to refer to them – is Adam, both a trusted friend and formerly an engineer in the team I managed in the Philippines.  In this blog, I’ve referred to him in previous posts as The Tycoon.  He has also moved here in Singapore but is part of a group different from mine.  He took this shot of me at the Soccer Carnival a couple of weeks back and I’m loving it.

eNTeNG, as captured by Adam. ...Vintage Mickey Mouse T-shirt, a HK flea market find; Ray-Ban Classic Wayfarers in white, fitted with Crizal transition lens; TechnoMarine Apnea Sport wristwatch in red; SONY NEX-5D Digital Bridge Camera; Oxygen shorts (not seen in photo); purple Bossini socks (not seen in photo); Classic Black and White Adidas Samba shoes (not seen in photo).

I have to say, it’s got to be my favorite from any photo of mine from that day.  I seriously am considering having this on my wall.

Thanks, Adam!

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From the sidelines: Moments at a soccer carnival

17 04 2012

My good friend Kelvin was particularly inspired in all five matches. Anyone can see that it was with very good reason.

THE VICARIOUS THRILL of a spectator sport like soccer is the kind of rush that can shoot right through your cerebellum convolutions, form an upsurge of emotion in your arterial system, and make you clench your fist as you prepare to release your brewing manifestation of plain and unequivocal support and pride for one team, in one unbridled cry, “Go Team PE-E-E-E-E-E!!!

Quite obviously, you can tell I went to the Soccer Carnival to show my support.  That, and my fierce loyalty.  And you can tell for which team.

Those who can, do.  Those who cannot – like me – spectate.  I love being a spectator.

Or in the case of some of these wonderful people, just show not only their support but also their love.  (Wow!)

Or, still for others, just wait for their own time on the field.

This was where it all happened - St. Wilfrid Sports Complex, St. George's Road, Singapore.


A spectator can't go around running and screaming at the top of his lungs on an empty stomach! Since St. Wilfrid didn't have a cafeteria, I had to cross the street to the nearest 7-11 and get my fill. A bowl of instant noodles and jasmine green tea. Good enough for me. Five minutes and I was back on the field.


My trusty Adidas Samba, having stood on puddles of muddy water and grass on the sidelines, was in on all the action!


Present to support their friends are these lovely, brainy ladies - Chiet Yen, Cheng Cheng, and Ee Xyan.


A closer shot with the girls.


Yu Ting, Way Hung, Cheng Cheng and Chiet Yen


Stepping out of the white line: Yong Run, Way Hung, Kok Wah, Jeck, and Yu Ting (at the back)


As fields became free as teams got eliminated one by one, I had the chance to make some kicks of my own.


I was told to make a direct free kick.


Getting last minute instructions from Yong Run


eNTeNG makes the approach...


...delivers the kick...


...and scores! The crowd goes wild!!!


With Karen


With Yong Run


With Rohit and his medal


With very good friend Wee Sern. For this day at the soccer field, I wore a T-Shirt by Topman, khaki shorts by Topman, dark brown genuine cowhide leather belt by Esprit, Adidas Samba in classic black and white, Ray-Ban Classic Wayfarers in Black, Style in Play eau de toilette by Lacoste, and Incursore Automatic Swiss Made wristwatch by Glycine.


Gotta stretch in between!


Such a beautiful couple!


Someone sure is proud of that medal.


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Starting the weekend right

25 02 2012

THE TEXT message said something like, “Care to make your Saturday productive?”

And I knew that two of my closest friends, Darryl & Brenda, were asking me to fun run by the riverside nearby and then breakfast at McDonald’s.  It’s our usual “bagong gising” (fresh-out-of-bed) Saturday plan.

At the badminton court with Darryl & Brenda


Breakfast at McDonald's

After breakfast of Sausage McMuffin with Egg for me, we made the tour of the Community Center.  And just like that, plans were sort of laid out to hit the gym, take up dance classes, swim, take the slide (and scream!), and play badminton.

We shall have more Saturdays like this.

Standing in line for breakfast


That's Brenda right in front of me at the queue.


I'm a creature of habit. And at this point, I was doing that which I do whenever I order with Darryl or Brenda. Ask, "What are you having?"


The queue was taking a long time. So there was time to strike a pose.


This "WATER CUBE" shirt was a gift from a good friend. The Water Cube is the National Aquatics Center in Beijing, China.


Darryl & Brenda


I decided to brave the long queue once again for a tall iced Milo.


A Mini Cooper! And in blue!


Mini and Me... So lovin' the Union Jack detail on this car. So Brit. So appropriate.


Standing from across the baseball field

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Paul Frank

19 02 2012

Paul Frank on the display window

I KNOW exactly when I realized I needed to start wearing prescription glasses.  It was one hot Manila day, June 1991.

My trigonometry professor gave us a 100-point quiz on the first day of class.  We didn’t know why, except that he said it was to assess where the class stood.  On the next day, he handed back our papers telling us they were to be the basis of our seating arrangement.  I got a perfect score and was made to sit at the last seat in a corner.

It didn’t help at all that there was half a pillar obstructing the view of the blackboard.  What made it ultimately feel like the loser’s seat was that even if I’d move my head to get a clearer view as I took down notes or copy the questions to a quiz, the view wasn’t getting any clearer at all.

I knew I needed glasses.

My glasses through the years have run a whole gamut of sizes, styles, colors, and price range.  The most I’ve had were a number of rectangular-shaped black acetate frames – from the cheapest that literally cost me nothing to those that you’d need to save up for.  My more recent ones have included a blue acetate from a Japanese brand, an all-titanium pair that cost about US$ 580.00 that I got just because the insurance covered everything except twenty (I’ve since passed this frame on to one of my brothers), an Emporio Armani, and a brandless plastic frame in a wood finish.  (Louis Vuitton’s latest campaign features frames in wood finish.)

My current favorites happen to be my Ray-Ban Classic Wayfarers – in white and in black.  The red one is waiting for me in the Philippines.

My Ray-Ban Classic Wayfarers in White


I got the one called the "Rare Print" edition that has multi-color designs printed on the inside.

I bought the white on one Duty Free shopping date I had with my family.  After Mama had her fill of inspecting the very limited Le Pliage offering at Longchamp – she did walk away with a huge “Tree of Life” scarf that she would tie to her limited edition “Tree of Life” Le Pliage in small, short handle – we all went to the Ray-Ban counter.  Everyone got the pair of sunnies they liked the most.  I knew right there and then that I wanted the Classic Wayfarers.  But in white.

A trip to the optometrist and my Ray-Ban sunnies became my new daily spectacles.  I love it so much that one of my brothers got me the black pair as a “just because” present.

The one in black

Lately, I’ve been considering getting a pair of Paul Frank.  I’m so loving their designs, having seen them on my friends Wai Hon first and now, Yu Chen.  I’m seriously thinking about it but would often have the perfect excuse of not having the time for it, especially after every time I would check my wristwatch at work.

Then I turned around, after doing groceries at Cold Storage, and there it was – Paul Frank on both the display windows of the friendly neighborhood optical shop.




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