All things amazing… definitely Swiss!

8 06 2009
I AM going against the theme of my blog to make this special shoutout.  The “definitely Swiss” on this post is neither chocolate nor wristwatch.

CONGRATULATIONS to THE Roger Federer for winning his first French Open.  I’m not a tennis fanatic. But having sort of “followed” Roger’s journey this past year – leading to his triumph on clay last Sunday – speaks volumes of just how charismatic this legendary athlete is.

Truly, for everything there is a season.  And there was no giving up on THE Roger Federer, even after Jessica Zafra proposed a group therapy session for all his fans after his loss in Australia.  I’m not going to go into the details of his track record.  That’s not my thing.  Besides, I don’t want to end up just printing here “research” material.  I’m leaving that to the real “vanguards” of the sport.  Superman being foremost of them.

Anything and everything I know about tennis, I learned from Superman.  Anything and everything I appreciate about THE Roger Federer, I got from Superman.

Which makes me think – why not get a Lacoste Roland Garros 2009 shirt for someone special?