Selecta Gold Series Chocolate Truffles

9 04 2009


EVERY SPOONFUL, designed to delight.”  Thus declares Chef Rolando Laudico of Bistro Filipino fame.


The new Selecta Gold Series Chocolate Truffles Ice Cream.


Of all the advertisement I’ve seen on all glossies I could get my hands on during this week-long break, only one really demanded and captured my attention.  It was the one for the New Selecta Gold Series ice cream.  Visually, the black background really set off the contents of the ad (Friendship is a proponent of this black background visual graphics style).  Content-wise, the names of prominent Filipino chefs brandished on the three-page spread deserved at least one-pass reading.


The new Selecta Gold Series Chocolate Truffles Ice Cream... definitely for serious chocolate lovers!


The ad said that the three flavors were “created exclusively for you.”  And with three culinary masters taking different inspirations to deliver temptingly sounding and looking delights, I couldn’t help but really make a reminder on my planner to go out and grab tubs!  Chef Rolando Laudico (Bistro Filipino) created “Chocolate Truffles.”  Chef Sau Del Rosario (Chelsea Market & Café), “Hazelnut Brownie.”  Chef J. Gamboa (Cirkulo), “Berry Strawberry.”


Not only did I make a reminder for myself, I had to send out text messages to Spider-man, Batman, Summit, and Superman that they should also check these out too!  Summit texted back to say that she’s eyeing the Berry Strawberry.  Superman wished me to enjoy my pigging out (haha!) and mentioned that he liked the NSA (No Sugar Added) ice cream, the same one I got for my mother.  From the series, what I first got was the Chocolate Truffles.  The 1.66-liter tub cost Php 275.00.



So how did I find the ice cream?  Hmmm…  It was really rich and luxurious, no doubt about that.  I liked it that the chocolate ice cream itself was intense and more on the bitter side.  The hand-rolled chocolate truffles were VERY generously mixed into the ice cream – every spoonful I took had truffles.  On their own, the truffles literally tasted buttery to me.  It was really the ganache filling of truffles that they threw in.  And when we say “ganache,” what it is exactly is a half-and-half mixture of chocolate and cream.  So the (buttery) creamy goodness should be as expected.  To up the chocolate ante further, the ice cream was laced with ribbons of thick chocolate syrup.  You could see all of these in the pictures.



Serious chocolate lovers will love this.  That’s for sure.  I’m actually thinking about giving Superman the 1.66-liter tub for him to try.