Moët at Attica with the Stylish Guy

11 03 2012

Moët at Attica, Clarke Quay, Singapore

MY IDEA of a good time here in Singapore has always involved full meals.  Really solid, substantial food you really need to chow down.  I must eat so much noodles that people around me probably think all the belief I have in me is about long life.  A night out that involves a diet of only liquids hasn’t really appealed to me.

Well, not until I decided to join the party for one of the really good friends I have made at work – Wai Hon.  He is taking a new step in his life and career and I wanted to wish him all the best.  I thought I could start by showing up at his party at Moët at Attica in Clarke Quay.  One of my closest friends, DJ Raoul, was invited too and came along.

The man of the moment, Wai Hon, here with his lady love.


These cocktails in test tubes were served with a couple of sparklers. Quite a show, if you ask me.


Wai Hon and friends

Not a drinker at all myself, I left it all up to the DJ to get me sloshed with his highly recommended mix.  See, my friend isn’t only dependable when it comes to music or video mixes.  He can make a mean cocktail too.  (At one point I thought he was giving some pointers to the bartender on how to make our drinks.  Haha!)

We made it to Clarke Quay!

If I remember it correctly, he got me a couple or three (I lost count!) of vodka cranberry (his highly recommended drink), a vodka sprite, and Wai Hon and the very nice and lovely Audrey got me a couple of drinks that came in test tubes.  The music was so loud and so nice we had to just dance.  On that, I again got an impromptu lesson from the DJ, who at one point told me to stop spinning around the dance floor.  Hahaha!  (DJ Raoul knew every single song!  A few beats at the start or in between transitions and he knew what song was up next.  Yeah, quite impressive.)

Vodka Cranberry!


The DJ


The Emcee


We soon had to move outside for some photo-taking and, obviously, some more drinks.


eNTeNG & the Vodka Cranberry


The DJ and the Vodka Cranberry


The DJ and a couple of new friends


The DJ, Wai Hon and Audrey


Wai Hon & Audrey


eNTeNG, Audrey, Wai Hon, and Raoul


eNTeNG, Raoul and Wai Hon


One more group photo... Yeah!


Both the dance floors were full! This one is at Moët, on the second floor.


This one's the main dance floor on the first level.


Getting our last Vodka Cranberry before calling it a night!


At exactly this point, the DJ played "The Club Can't Handle Me"... I love that song! Haha! I forgot to snap a time stamp shot when they played Adele's "Rolling In The Deep"!


A stolen shot of the DJ. Obviously, he was surprised!

I could feel the alcohol in my system (so that’s how it feels!) that I had to ask to get something to bite before we had to call it a night.  Good thing Señor Taco Mexican Taqueria was right outside the bar.  I had two cheese only quesadillas and half of a beef quesadilla.  Tempting as the Mojito sounded – Attica doesn’t serve mojitos! – I had to settle for freshly squeezed lemonade.

Señor Taco Mexican Taqueria!


What lies beneath... inside a cheese only quesadilla!


Pork Quesadilla


A tight shot of the pork quesadilla


The DJ and The Emcee and some damn good tacos

Wai Hon, all the best to you man!  We should hang out again real soon!  You and Audrey have the moves.

Wai Hon... We all wish you only the best!


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