Happy birthday, Brenda!

4 02 2013
Breakfast 120311 00

One of my most favorite photos! We all like this one because it shows we really look great even when “bagong gising”. Hahaha! Morning Run Breakfast, McDonald’s, 03 December 2011, Singapore.

THE WORLD has shrunk.  Technology made that happen.  While that is true, nowadays it is normal to not share the same country code with people closest and dearest to your heart and to your life.  But that is no excuse to forget – and charge memory gaps to brain cells being fried as old age sets in.  Trust me, I am old.

Old but not yet that forgetful.

Today, the fourth of February marks the birth of someone with whom I have always been close to from prior our own moves to Singapore.  But now, I think of her as someone I didn’t expect I could still manage to be closer to just when I thought we were already as close as we could be.

Together with her husband, they’ve become just two of the very few people who I don’t need to impress – people with whom I can just be myself and know that I am loved and well taken care of.  I have to say that emphasis is on being “well taken care of”.

DSCN6060 Cookout - Brendarryl Place 080112

Cookout at Brendarryl’s Place, 01 August 2012, Singapore.


DSCN6061 Cookout - Brendarryl Place 080112

The requisite wacky shot. Haha!

Even I miss their “home” here in the Lion City.  It had always meant to be a place to share with friends; to celebrate in; whose walls had always reverberated with hearty laughter; and whose kitchen has become both hearth and heart of a home where food was never considered only as nourishment but also – if not more importantly – an expression of love.

Happy birthday, Brenda!  I miss you.


Brenda and eNTeNG, Morning Run Breakfast, 24 February 2012, McDonald’s, Singapore.



Darryl & Brenda, with eNTeNG, Community Sports Center, Singapore.


IMG_0025 Singapore Zoo Fun Run 020512

Loradel and Brenda, Singapore Zoo Fun Run, 05 February 2012, Singapore.


IMG_6293 Standard Chartered Marathon 120411

Darryl & Brenda, Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon 2011, 04 December 2011, Esplanade Starting Point, Singapore.



Brenda & Darryl, with eNTeNG, Brenda’s Birthday Dinner, TODAI, The Shopped at Marina Bay Sands, 02 February 2012, Singapore.

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Run, eNTeNG, run!

17 02 2012

As Christopher Cross' song says, "Cause it's all right, think we're gonna make it..." And I made it to the finish line! Whew!

I THINK about food all the time.  And whenever my expanded girth hits the edge of my desk at work and I’d find myself reaching a little bit more for the computer keyboard, I realize that it’s time to think about something else even for just a little.  I’ve never been huge on sports.  But eversince I was a kid, I’ve always loved to run.

I was well on my way to being part of the school track and field team when the coach had to pull me out in fear of adversely affecting my studies.  I was at the top of the class and he didn’t want to see my academic performance suffer because of all the time I needed to devote to training after school hours.  I was so stubborn and would still show up to practice, until one day when I saw that he had called my mother to a meeting and said that he would never have me in the team.

Before I moved to Singapore, where I worked in the Philippines, I would almost always run daily.  My office was right smack in the middle of a business park and I had memorized the trail for either the 4km or the 5km run.  My best 5km record was about 27 minutes, 27 seconds.  Nothing stellar, just a personal best.

5km personal best – 27 minutes, 27.37 seconds!

I’ve been here a little over seven months and I haven’t really run.  On my walk from the train station to my flat, I would often get swooshed by by runners.  And I’d always tell myself I should get back to it.

I went to the Standard Chartered Marathon Singapore 2011 on December 4th last year, but that was to just support my good friends Darryl & Brenda, Loradel, Lyndon, Jack, and Melisse.  I proudly carried around a “GO for it!” placard to show for it.

"GO for it!"... The battlecry at the Standard Chartered Marathon Singapore 2011. I have the placard to show for it!

I went to the Standard Chartered Marathon Sngapore 2011 to support my friends! We had a sleepover at Darryl & Brenda's place, excitedly preparing for the day.

Last February 5th 2012, I finally got to run at the Singapore Zoo Safari Run 2012, joining the 6km leg.  I ran without a minute’s practice at all.  WHICH I TOTALLY DO NOT ENCOURAGE, OKAY!  Preparation is key in events like this.  It just so happens that I know myself well enough to know my level of endurance.  That, and that I ate lots of bananas on the days leading to the run, and throughout the 6km stretch, I kept myself hydrated by getting sloshed at all the hydration stations.  It did help a lot that I had my good friend DJ Raoul’s mixes blaring into my ears.

This time, it's the Singapore Zoo Safari Run 2012!

Only adidas and Nike will do.

I'm Team adidas all the way! (That's a little shoutout for you Michael James!)

By the time Brenda and I arrived for our 6km run, Darryl (and Jack) had already completed their 12km!

The Night Safari uphill trail nothwithstanding, the 12km was small beans to Darryl and Jack.

Jack, Loradel, Jossel & Vel, Brenda & Darryl, and eNTeNG

At the start line

Ready... Get Set... Go!

It took me an hour to complete the race – I would take photos of every animal I saw – and at some point I did feel like just walking my way to the finish.  Good thing that as I took my stride towards the final bend, I saw my good friends Jack and Darryl, giving me high fives and cheering me on with the same three words that DJ Raoul’s music had been telling me.  “Run, eNTeNG, run!”

I’m so proud of completing this even if my seat mate at work, Kwang Fook, doesn’t think much of it.  Hahaha!

The first animals I passed, the gaur a.k.a. Indian bison.

The 1km marker

eNTeNG, keep going!

Greater Asian Rhinoceros

This was supposed to be a pose with the Greater Asian Rhinoceros. After giving me the "behind," I guess I was snubbed. Haha!

Now there the rhino is!

Finally a shot together!

Indian wolves

I had my fill at the first hydration station.

Asian Elephant

2km down!

Malayan Tiger


This Sloth Bear was so lovable that I wanted to hug it!

The Lion


The 3km mark... Halfway through!

White Rhinoceros

The 4km marker




Map of Singapore Zoo


Gotta love all those hydration stations!


Spider Monkeys


Which zoo can lay claim to having a dragon?! Haha!


Finally... it's the 5km mark! "5" is my favorite number!


It's been almost an hour! Clearly, I wasn't eyeing the prize. Hahaha!


The last hydration station


Shhh... The White Tiger is asleep.


Finally, the finish line!


We all made it to the finish!


I've got to get a bite off of my finisher's medal! Haha!


My very first race bib here in Singapore! It's now up on my wall at the office.

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