Inflight cuisine

18 03 2011

Braised Egg Noodles

UNLIKE MOST people, I’m a shameless fan of inflight cuisine.  I find no shame in admitting that.  Especially when I’d always come close to licking my plates and cutlery clean.

I’ve always maintained that Singapore Airlines has the most amazing inflight cuisine.  And that’s no matter what class you fly on.  I remember one flight I took in the past when the inflight menu featured world-renowned chefs.  I can close my eyes and lick my lips and taste the food like I just had it yesterday.  There are just things that remain simply unforgettable.

This last one I had is no exception from this long-standing tradition.

I chose the Braised Egg Noodles with Chicken and Vegetables in Oriental Sauce over the scrambled egg.  Tented in tin foil, the noodles – if they were soggy – would be understandable.  Preparing inflight food is quite tricky.  Between plating the dish, arranging them in trays, and serving them through the whole length of the aircraft, the carry-over cooking could ruin the dish.  But that would be the perfect excuse of the inexperienced – or the amateurish.

Singapore Airlines – actually, the chefs responsible for their edible creations – doesn’t need such excuse.  The noodles, while of Asian provenance, deserve the Italian descriptive “al dente.”  Doused in a special soy-based sauce, the flavor was more scrumptious than simply salty.  I picked on the chunks of chicken and the crisp vegetables first, and then, munching on lots of pickled chili rings, “slurped” the noodles.  Almost but not quite.  I didn’t want to disturb the picky eater to my left who was playing with her food.

Lovin' the colorful cover on the menu!


Welcome aboard. Enjoy the food!


Scrambled egg or noodles?! Easy choice!


The breakfast tray has arrived!


What lies beneath... revealed!


Singapore Airlines has fabulous cutlery!


Just how much I loved the cutlery...


This sauce complemented the noodles so well.


This is my mother's favorite butter. So I got to have it!


Done! Nothing spared... Hahaha!


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Up in the air

17 03 2011

The view is perfect at 33,000 feet up in the air.

TRAVEL AFFORDS me a couple of things – the chance to enjoy God’s creation in a totally different place, and the opportunity to not back off from any culinary adventure.  But lest my second declaration comes back biting me from behind, I will say that that one’s dependent on the destination.

And where I was headed to last Sunday morning – where I am for a couple of weeks – is nothing short of the mecca of good food.

Ready to go!

I arrived at the NAIA a good three hours before my flight schedule but the line was already quite long.  Of box office-hit proportions, I texted my family and friends.  At the check-in counter, my luggage tipped the scale at 34.5 kilos, about 50% more than my limit.  I didn’t make a sound as I let the officer spend all the time she needed squinting her eyes and furrowing her brows at the display that was screaming, “excess baggage!”

“Sige Sir, ok lang yan!  (Ok Sir, it’s fine!)“

Wow.  And she even got me my favorite seat, the window seat right beside the airplane’s right wing.  I don’t know if it was the new perfume I had on or the red shorts I decided to wear but I also breezed through Immigration.  Unlike in the case of Brother, there wasn’t a Korean boyband nearby that threatened to steal my spotlight in front of the Immigration Officer who asked nothing but this lone question, “How long?”

I stood aghast!  How dare he ask me about my chin.  Oh, he meant my stay at my destination.  Hahaha!

All my bags were packed. And this plane was waiting for me.


Ready to board!


My carry-on luggage


I could go a thousand miles on these shoes! I hope my great friend Michael agrees!


Beginning to taxi on the runway


5... 4... 3... 2... 1... and...


And we're off!


Time of takeoff. Singapore Airlines has never failed me. They always leave on time!


Bye Manila!


See you again in a couple of weeks!


The flight wasn't turbulent at all that I decided to make one trip to the restroom. On flights, I ALWAYS have my seatbelt on.


One of the wing's flaps begin to open up and extend as we approach Singapore and prepare for landing.


I see land!


The flaps fully extended to prepare for landing


So many trees!


Kudos to the pilot for such a smooth landing!


Our President on front page news in the Straits Times. They're all over the airport.


My welcome party! My Singapore-based friends shown here, each volunteered to pick me up. I'm so happy they're around. My very own "porter", the Boy Wonder, took this shot.


The Boy Wonder is the epitome of service. No tip needed! Hahaha!


Thank you my dear friends!


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