Breathless in anticipation

1 02 2012

I CONSIDER myself quite fortunate for having my “couple” friends – I don’t mean any particular two, but rather my closest friends who happen to be couples, married or otherwise.  These people take care of me, love me, are generous to me, and take me along on the ride of their lives.  That sounds like I may be in the running to be the international symbol of the third wheel.  I don’t mind the least.  And frankly, I couldn’t care less about what other people think.

A couple of weeks back, I had to yank myself from a very busy evening at work just so I could make it to dinner with one of my – there’s that expression again – “couple friends.”  We’ve been exchanging text messages the whole day about this “something” they needed to share with me.  I was really busy and feared there was no early way out of work that I came close to begging to know what was up.

But they were firm with their resolve that the news could only be shared in person.  And over dinner.

So I made it to the appointed time and place, ordered my usuals of clams in miso soup and tons of steamed Japanese rice, grabbed plate after plate after plate of sushi and sashimi from the conveyor belt to my left, and patiently waited for the news.

Let me just say that I was so glad and honored that they chose me to know about it first (outside family).  And that they wouldn’t hear of any of my excuses that it was okay to just text message me about it, but rather insisted on a face-to-face sharing.

Sometimes, hard as you try, you will never know the exact moment when your friendships are formed.  But as it with my “couple friends,” I at least can recall the highlights, the punctuations, the otherwise-passing-split-seconds when our friendships are reinforced.  Sometimes, having me emcee their wedding reception sort of cements it (Haha!) – but it is not a requirement.

Sometimes, adversity beautifies it.

I am single and alone in this city.  I’m thankful for having my “couple friends.”

Clams in miso soup




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Not clamming up about my clams

25 09 2011

Nothing can come between me and my clams.

WHERE I work nowadays, I can’t bring in a camera with me.  It’s a little sacrifice, especially since I do have a “shoot-first-eat-later” policy whenever I go for my meals.  It took a lot of getting used to because back home in the Philippines, it would be second nature to me to whip out my trusty Canon IXUS 860IS and shoot to my heart’s content.

That’s why sometimes, I tend to forget all about my “policy.”  Like when my best friends, the then-affianced-now-married Partner and The Boy Wonder, brought me to Sushi Tei for the first time.  Probably it was forgetting all about my need to snap photos, or the fact that the three of us just literally shopped ‘til we dropped, doing the rounds of Cartier (where they brought me along to their appointment to have their Cartier Love wedding bands engraved and where I salivated yet again at the sight of the Ballon Bleu de Cartier), Louis Vuitton, and Chanel.

But I wasn’t too forgetful or too tired to photograph my most favorite sea food – clams!  I asked for the item on the menu that has it, some kind of miso-based soup.  Or it could very well be miso soup!  And to make up for whatever limitations my Blackberry Bold 9780 has, I more than made up for by styling my food.  I put five of the plump (they were the same size as their shells!), juicy, sweetly briny clams on top of my perfect cup of Japanese rice.

Salmon sashimi

We actually had quite a spread.  My meal alone included salmon sashimi, cha soba, and another cup of Japanese rice.  And to cap off a perfect day and evening?  A bowl of five nama chocolate pieces, quite pretty in the shape of large spongy marshmallow, filling up an earthen bowl.

These nama chocolate pieces give the perfect ice-cold kiss on the lips.



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