The Dark Knight Rises

28 05 2012

THE DARK Knight Rises, the movie, is yet to hit cinemas this coming July 2012.  But the real Dark Knight in my life, my best friend Batman, has risen above all others in his latest endeavor in life.

The Dark Knight and I, somewhere in Greenbelt 5!

He just finished his Masters in Business Administration (MBA) at the University of the Philippines Diliman, arguably my country’s foremost educational institution.  He graduated with a general grade point average of 1.1548!  As a student I’m used to getting “flat ones” – grades of “1.00” – myself, but that kind of average is just beyond my wildest dreams.  I graduated at the top of my class.  But not with that kind of grade.

What is more remarkable to me is that he did this while keeping a full-time job, and at a time when he welcomed his and his wife’s first bundle of joy into their lives.  How he juggled all of those aspects of his life, I really couldn’t imagine.

Some say you can’t have it all.  But I guess, in Batman’s case, you can almost.  He does almost have it all – if not already.

Congratulations, best friend.  I’m so proud of you!

One of my send-off lunches before coming to Singapore was with Batman.


He presented me with yet another one of the toys from his personal collection. This one was specifically tasked to watch over me in the Lion City. Haha!


eNTeNG and Batman. For the record, that’s my happy face. Hahaha!


See, he was already doing what he was tasked to do. Watch over me! Haha!


Batman, waiting for boarding at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport, 29 June 2011


Batman, a collage…


Batman, ION Orchard, Orchard Road, Singapore


Batman, in Black & White, Kinokuniya, Takashimaya Shopping Centre, Orchard Road, Singapore


Classic Batman, painted on Chucks, Converse, Mustafa Department Store, Farrer Park, Singapore


The Dark Knight Rises, move poster, Golden Village Cinemas, Marina Square, Singapore


See Batman, you’re even the image on my MRT card! Haha! (Photo taken by Yong Run, who has always been so patient and gracious to snap my likeness whenever I strike a pose… and not scream at the top of his lungs at me and say, “eNTeNG, would you please get yourself an iPhone4?! Geez!”)


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Today in magazines

17 01 2012

Two great covers – Christian Bale as The Dark Knight on Entertainment Weekly (20 January 2012 issue); and Michael Q (February 2012 issue).

BEST FRIEND Batman and I have our non-negotiables whenever we hang out at the malls in the Philippines.  We respect each other’s “Visita Iglesia” moments.  His at Astrovision, where he stocks up on original DVDs.  Mine at Chronos, Lucerne, or any wristwatch store, where I would almost always end up selling my soul to get whatever timepiece I was lusting after, on my wrist.  Powerbooks is our common ground.

Now that I’m here in Singapore, I’ve managed to keep that tradition even on my own.  Whenever at the malls, I would go to Powerbooks’s many incarnations here – Harris Planerds, Popular, Prologue, Page One, Times.

After dinner last night, I picked up British GQ, with Michael Fassbender on the cover, and Entertainment Weekly, with the cover story, “The Dark Knight Rises.”

I know Batman would approve of my Entertainment Weekly purchase.

Definitely a couple of good reads!


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The Dark Knight in purple

31 05 2010

I SUPER love notebooks.  There’s just no denying that fact.  But still, I concede that there’s no justifying my action at the bookstore last Friday.  Honestly, I could hear Batman from miles away admonishing me for jostling my way to the front of the lone pile of comic character notebooks just so I could grab the last “Justice League / The Dark Knight” notebook.  His text message said it all, “So may isang batang nawalan ng notebook.  Ok lang yan, magtyaga na lang sya sa X-Men.”  (So, there’s one kid who lost a notebook.  That’s just fine.  He can settle for X-Men.”)

My new "Justice League / The Dark Knight" notebook!

I’m quite thankful that I had to brave the maddening crowd for only one notebook that really caught my fancy.  And it really is immaterial that it is one of my cheapest finds ever – ringing up at just Php 26.50!  What was really important to me was that it has on the cover one of my most admired superheroes.  And it’s in purple!

I’m not an expert on what era this depiction comes from.  (I do remember Batman telling me about how the costume has evolved in years.)  But I do love the very dynamic pose my superhero has on the cover and how succinctly the verbiage at the back encapsulates his essence.  And oh, there’s a “#5” – my favorite number – at the upper right hand corner at the back.

This notebook and I?  We’re meant to be.

The dynamic front cover


The very nice back cover


Can't wait to use this notebook!


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