1 10 2012

I debuted my GLYCINE Incursore on a trip to Universal Studios Singapore on 22 January 2012.

AT THE recent HUBLOT event, the guy who assisted me, Kelvin, Senior Sales Executive of The Hour Glass at their Tang Plaza branch, made a very astute observation as to the wristwatch I was wearing.  You see, I made a conscious effort to wear a brand that their store carries.

“That’s a GLYCINE, right?  But it doesn’t have its original leather strap.”

GLYCINE, fresh from The Hour Glass


I really adore the crown detail on the crown. Viewed a different way, it could very well be my initial – “E” for eNTeNG.


I dress up this watch with leather bracelets. Here, I stacked it up with a FOSSIL double–tour skinny leather bracelet. I took this shot on board the Circle Line on my way to a dinner at The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands.

I brandished my timepiece as I launched to the story behind the change from the original deep dark brown leather strap to an all–stainless steel look.  The humidity in the Lion City could be unforgiving.  So as to preserve the original leather, I went on a frantic search for a suitable replacement – only a stainless steel bracelet would do.  Soon enough, I realized one thing – it is quite hard to look for something 24 mm in size, that doesn’t have the hollow voluminousness of tin can, and the ubiquitous look of Seiko.  (No offense meant to Seiko, as I do own several pieces from their Kinetic range.  It was just not the look I was going for.)

My search that covered the stretch of Bras Basah, all the way to the City Hall Area, and then to Raffles, culminated at ION on Orchard where I chanced upon one store that carries wristwatches from Denmark, pieces that exude “Scandinavian coolness and simplicity”.

I snapped up the one in really chunky, solid stainless steel that looked so cool and so simple, all the branding was on the timepiece’s 45–mm face and caseback – nowhere in the bracelet.  I thought to myself, all the more perfect for it to go incognito while attached to my GLYCINE.  And it is in the exact size I needed – 24 mm – not 22 that still makes the watch dangle somehow and certainly not 20 that calls attention to improvisation that should’ve been given more than just second thoughts.

I think I got props from Kelvin for my design and comfort aesthetic.  Though I do know that should I just want to satisfy my knack for contingencies, I could just go back to The Hour Glass and stock up on original GLYCINE leather straps I could place on order.

Here is the exact same GLYCINE Incursore, decked with an all–stainless steel bracelet of Scandinavian provenance – Denmark, by way of Copenhagen, to be exact.


A closer look at a somewhat transformed tick–tocker


I love how solid the bracelet links look and feel. It doesn’t hurt that they do remind me of chocolate bars. Haha!


The bracelet locks in place with a push–button clasp on a double deployant buckle.


The bracelet links are as beautiful at the back, here perfectly complementing the exhibition caseback.


See what I mean? It fits at a comfortably snug 24 mm.

I think that one of the best things about wristwatches nowadays is that it is easier to change straps.  And with the sound of the click that locks the lugs in place, a “new look” is heralded.  I think Philip Stein saw the huge potential of this feature when they came out with their wristwatches that not only have limitless options in straps – in terms of materials, textures, and colors – but also the ease of a spring mechanism to release or lock them in place.

Philip Stein Signature Large with its original lizard leather strap.

The craze over Technomarine, very early on, was warranted.  All you had to do was look at all the rubber/jelly straps on offer and you knew you wanted to have all of them.

Technomarine Apnea in red


Here is the same watch with a black strap.


Technomarine Raft Chronograph with a yellow face, in all–black


By the colors of the Italian flag


The same watch with the colors mixed and matched


The Technomarine Raft Chronograph, now in all–yellow


The exact same Raft, now really in all–yellow


Another one of my wristwatches that I’ve loved “playing” with is this nine–year–old Guess watch with an Art Deco face. I got it for a steal at ROSS in Folsom, California.


It originally came with a really supple black leather strap. But you know me, soon enough I was looking for an all–stainless bracelet. And I knew exactly what I wanted – mesh! Here is my feeble attempt at an “editorial” spread.


I really love the very Art Deco face. Well, hello gorgeous!

And at the HUBLOT Pop Up Store that day, I couldn’t be reminded any better by the wide array of choices for straps that could breathe life to that oft–heard expression, “like a kid in a candy store.”

See what I told you. I love putting my wristwatches in a V–formation.


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New Lunar Year new wristwatch

31 01 2012

Just another shopping bag that says, "THE HOUR GLASS."

I CAN hear Nigella Lawson in my head, “But of course once you start collecting things, there’s no reason to stop.  So you get sort of madder and madder.”

As a guest here in Singapore, I found it apropos to observe the Chinese Lunar New Year, which has got to be the most festive celebration I’ve ever seen in the past seven months I’ve been here.  I also found it to be the perfect excuse to get myself a little something to mark the Year of the Water Dragon.  Hehe.

It was a hard decision to make as to which wristwatch to purchase.  Though one thing is clear, I’ve started to veer away from quartz movement, and have been exploring the world of automatic and mechanical-winding wristwatches.

Should I go Swiss, where the wristwatch-making industry was born, or should I go Russian, which was brought to my attention as it is the current fixation of my youngest brother?  Lucky for me, I have Alex of The Hour Glass at Takashimaya and Nicolas of Krasnaya at ION Orchard to guide my next step.

So what's inside a nice "THE HOUR GLASS" paper bag? An equally nice presentation box for a new wristwatch.

So here’s my new baby, the GLYCINE Incursore 46mm Automatic Ref. 3874.  (Nicolas, we’ll have to talk Russian again.)

Meet my new baby, a GLYCINE!


Gotta love all 46mm of it!


And I adore the screw-down crown that has, embossed on it, the brand's emblem – also a crown!

I love it for its size – 46mm across the dial, without the crown.  You can’t go wrong with a flat anti-reflective sapphire crystal for the watch glass, and hardened mineral crystal for the exhibition caseback that showcases the ETA Caliber 2824-2 25 jewels Swiss Automatic movement.  It’s screw-down crown – embellished with embossed image of the brand’s “crown” emblem – guarantees water resistance of up to 200 meters.  But I guess for the most part, it appealed to me because it is not as mainstream as other brands, but it does have a rich and colorful history to back it up.

The exact moment I first put it on!


The serial number of the wristwatch is laser-marked on to the solid stainless steel case! (Photo taken with my Blackberry Bold 9780.)


One of my happy places here in Singapore – THE HOUR GLASS at Takashimaya.

I debuted it at my first ever trip to Universal Studios Singapore.  And I couldn’t take it off ever since.

Taken on the eve of the Chinese Lunar New Year.


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