Geek in the pink

19 12 2011

With six of the 11 who make my Teambuilding Committee at the office.

LIKE A kid on Christmas day, I opened presents on Friday morning, donned a new shirt, and started to play with a new toy.

It’s because last Friday, we had our department’s office Christmas Party.  It was, as I had enthusiastically texted someone, officially my first R-E-A-L party here in Singapore!  The very first one I truly enjoyed.  Everything about it worked.  The speeches (the explanation about the door gift was cool), the entertainment, the games, and the lucky draw.

This chandelier hung over my head. It was so beautiful.


With one of my closest friends, Jossel.

I’m all about the food and I L-O-V-E-D everything!  And it did help that while lined up at the buffet, my new good friend Camy was passing by.  She pointed at each dish, and gave me her signature no-frills, succinct, honest review of the culinary offerings.  I have to say that I trust her taste.

My first plate has a vegetarian spring roll, a salmon treat in a puff pastry crust, and chicken wrapped in pandan leaf.


I also had to have a couple of the steamed shrimp dumplings and some fried vegetarian bee hon on the first round.


Seeing this bowl of pickled green chillies at the buffet spread was enough to make me do my happy dance. I love this condiment!


See, my second plate had the pickled green chillies as the star.

I enjoyed myself the whole time and never had a dull moment.  There wasn’t really a downside to the full-packed two or so hours we had, except that I wish there really was…  dancing.  Hahaha!

Like a kid on Christmas day, I went to the party in some of the best I could put on, with everything revolving around my brand new Dior shirt.  And to capture great moments for posterity, I finally debuted my SONY NEX-5D digital camera.  I haven’t really gotten around to playing with all the features of this gadget.  But I can say that the best is yet to be realized.

I told YC that we had to maximize use of the camera they gave me. Haha!


One more snap before I had to change to a different line.


"Thanks guys for my new Dior shirt and my SONY NEX-5D camera!" Here with KS, WH, KL, WC, WS, and T.

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One response

19 12 2011

I’m glad you’re enjoying your Singapore Christmas!

1. I love chilies! Filipinos should also use them as a condiment.
2. Ah, efficient public transport!


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