Ziti Pomodoro and a storm

31 10 2009
Ziti Pomodoro 00

eNTeNG c”,)™©’s Ziti Pomodoro whipped up as a storm ravages outside.

JUDGING BY the sound of the sustained winds and the rain outside – right this very moment at 2:12 AM (how very New York – the “212” I mean) – Typhoon “Santi” (international name: Mirinae) has made landfall finally.  It’s actually storm signal number three.

The seeming endless parade of tropical storms has continuously put a damper on weekend plans.  For like a month now.  But I will not surrender to the gloom.

What would I do?  Cook!  It’s such a comfort.  As I write away, I have beside me my second helping of my Ziti Pomodoro.  It’s basically my Angel Hair Pomodoro except that – quite obviously – I used ziti instead of angel hair.

I fear for the impact this latest storm will have on a literally weather-beaten people.  But with a little prayer and this plate of hot pasta – and yes, with a song – I’ve got this feeling that we’ll get by.

Ziti Pomodoro 01

eNTeNG c”,)™©’s Ziti Pomodoro

Copyright © 2009 by eNTeNG  c”,)™©’s  MuchTime™©.  All rights reserved.



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