The best pasalubong*

10 11 2009
Radisson Hotel Notebook 00

Radisson Hotel Pudong Central Park complimentary notebook from one of my bestest friends, Spiderman!

WHEN SOMEONE commits his thoughts to celluloid, he has made a movie.  When someone commits his opinions to paper, he has most likely gotten published.  But in my case – when I commit my thoughts and opinions to paper – it simply means I have just written them down on my notebook.

In July this year, I wrote here why I keep a notebook – my rationalization for holding on to what has fast been becoming a lost art.  Sure it feels romantic to write in cursive.  And whenever I look at what I have written – focusing more on the form than the substance – I feel I have created my own work of art.

But the real reason why I keep notebooks and why I diligently write in them is that I want to capture moments that would otherwise pass me by.  Sometimes, even with just a time stamp and a few descriptive words, my personal accounts on my notebooks allow me to travel back in time.  And regardless of where I’m at at that very moment, I would be able to recall the way I felt and what things I smelled or savored on the exact moment I chronicled on paper.  Such is the power of my own written words to me.

Yesterday, before we called it a day at work, Spider-man handed me this beautiful complimentary notebook he got from the Radisson Hotel Pudong Century Park in Shanghai.  The notebook is literally a work of art.  Half of it contains reproductions of artworks by three young Shanghai contemporary artists.  These paintings – revolving around the theme of “Chinese Art Christmas” – are actually currently on exhibit in the hotel and will soon be auctioned off, with all proceeds going to charity.  I took snapshots of a couple of the paintings I love – and as to why, please check the captions.

Radisson Hotel Notebook 01

The Art of Christmas – half of the notebook is reproductions of artworks by three young talented Shanghai artists.


Radisson Hotel Notebook 02

This painting is called "Future" – something I'm so looking forward to.


Radisson Hotel Notebook 03

The title of this artwork – "Go Safely" – was a wish I gave to one of my favorite superheroes.

Initially, Spider-man was supposed to get billeted at the Radisson Hotel Shanghai New World, the 5-star deluxe hotel centrally located at the zero center point of the city, near the famous Nanjing Road shopping strip.  But he later changed his mind because he didn’t want to be around all that “chaos”.  The hotel boasts of the Epicure on 45, their revolving restaurant on the 45th floor, offering breathtaking 360-degree views of the city!  I’ve been there once and it’s L-O-V-E-L-Y!

Thanks for the notebook, Spider-man!  I hope to make excellent use of it!  Welcome back.

Radisson Hotel Notebook 04

So lovin' this pasalubong!!!


*Pasalubong doesn’t really translate in Filipino, I think.  I think it is the contraction of “pang” (for) and “salubong” (welcome or meeting up).  So “pasalubong” is a gift or token souvenir that you give someone you meet again after a short while of being away.  That’s the best way I can put it!


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