Finally, the cheese was adjacent to the bread

18 11 2009

Starbucks®’s Christmas Turkey Chicken on Cranberry Bread

THANKFULLY THIS time, all the unmitigated disaster was confined to the big screen.  And not in my fingers.

Sometimes, I live in my own world where I fancy myself known by some that when I show up at a café, I can throw comments like, “The usual please,” and trust that the wait staff would scurry and know exactly what to do.  That to me is one of those delusions that I create to capture my life in celluloid in my head.  I’ve always loved scenes where the protagonist says, “The usual.”  It doesn’t matter if it’s at the corner diner, a fancy café, or a hotdog stand in New York.  Now, as to who shall play me in a big-budget biopic, I’d cast none other than the Edward Norton to play me! I tell you, I’m delusional.  The wide range of roles he has played, from Primal Fear, American History X (my fave), Fight Club, all the way to Keeping the Faith (where he was a priest!) have prepared him to tackle the many personalities that make me up.  Besides, nobody can brood like he does!

Now back to my original point.  I’ve been frequenting the Starbucks cinema outlet at Town that it has become one of the locales of the movie in my mind.  While I think a couple of the staff already know me – based on the nameplate, Eden, and there’s this guy – I guess I still need a couple more visits before I could whip out my “The usual” line enough to demand their full service.  I think I’m getting there, because at this point, they already remember me as the “Hungarian-Sausage-with-Egg-and-Cheese-on-Ciabatta” guy.

On the night of the cataclysmic event that was “2012,” when Eden and the other guy ushered me to the counter, they beamed and said, “Hungarian sausage?  Sir, try nyo naman our Christmas sandwiches.”  Then they went on to rattle the scrumptious-ness of each of the three holiday featured creations.  The guy was very confident in presenting to me one particular sandwich enough to comment that it would make me forget all about my Hungarian Sausage fave.  I took him up on his offer and let the judgment happen in the darkness of Cinema 1 as the Earth’s crust got displaced, volcanoes snapped out of dormancy, tsunamis engulfed land masses, and a booming authoritative voice commanded in a thick Russian accent, “Engine…  Sta-a-a-rt.”

Starbucks®’s Christmas Turkey Chicken on Cranberry Bread lived up to the basic culinary science governing the proper assembly of a sandwich.  A slice of roasted turkey sat on top of chunks of grilled chicken generously dressed with a cranberry spread made out of mayonnaise, cranberry jam and raspberry jam.  Between the chicken and the cranberry bread was a slice of processed cheese.  Where was the science in something so simple?  In the way the cheese – being positioned adjacent to the bread – created a moisture barrier against the cranberry spread.

Check out the ingredients list. Scrumptious!!!

Did I love it as much as the guy purported it was going to be?  As I have said, my fingers didn’t have to handle any mess – even in the dark.


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