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20 11 2009

Hind... sight...


HINDSIGHT IS 20/20 vision.

And in a year’s worth of blog posts, there are just some that mean so much more than others.  Some of them were even doors to my soul, flung wide open.

So before I totally let go of my “oh-em-gee-has-it-been-a-year-already?” sentiment, I look back to just some of my personal favorites from among 256 posts.

“I keep a notebook, here. – My attempt to make sense and articulate why, in the age of the blackberry and other high-tech gadgets, my preferred data storage is not a terabyte of external hard disk but the highly flammable notebook.  I love the opening paragraph of this blog post.

“’Fall’ is the operative word, here. – I think I was on the verge of falling when I wrote this.  Started writing and finished this overnight.

“Being not unhappy, here. – This was born from a thought-provoking text message from a superhero.  Composed this in my head in all of the 30 or so minutes that it took me to get to the office that morning.

“Cooking for someone, here. – My rationalization of something I love to do.

“Life in the time of bailouts, here. – When the penny-pinching started, this blog post came to be.

“Over Coffee, here. – Romancing coffee-drinking.

“Through 35 renewals, here. – Cushioning the impact to the synapses of all those years of existence.  Essentially, just being really thankful.

“35 things, here, and “eNTeNG’s 25, here. – A couple of blog posts of random thoughts.

“Separation anxiety, here. – Because it’s an ever-present fear.  But this one is not exactly what you may think.

“RAUL, Francesco TOTTI and Harry, here. – I just like this, a very spontaneous blog post.  I wrote this while I chatted with a really good good friend.

“Bom & Rizzie’s Crazy Little Thing Called Love On A Day When Purple Reigned, here. – The very first wedding I’ve ever blogged about.


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