Cooking for someone redux

11 06 2009

WHOEVER FIRST said that actions speak louder than words probably saw someone cooking for someone.  I first harped about that – cooking for someonehere, right around February.  And thinking about it again, got me – whatelse?! – thinking.   Yes, the pun is intended.


DSC01070 Pondering

Yes, that's me pondering "cooking for someone"...


Seriously, I began pondering about this topic again after I got reminded by some close friends yesterday about their request for me to be their “guest chef” on one of their weekly dinner get-togethers.  I sheepishly managed an equivocal smile.  But in a split-second followed it up with, “I’ll let you know.”  And I tell you, that’s the nth time that they have heard that from me.  And friends being friends, they managed to flash me back their own sheepish equivocal smile.

So while I have yet to commit to resolve my obvious commitment issues (what’s with me and all the pun?!), I ponder this topic – cooking for someone – yet again.

Judging from the many comments my original post generated, I guess that people find something a bit romantic about someone cooking for someone else.  To put it another way, when someone cooks a “great” or “thoughtful” meal for someone, they couldn’t help but melt (because I will!).  People do have a soft spot for someone who can whip up a storm in the kitchen, moreso for someone who will find – or make! – the time to cook for them.

I didn’t want to cross the fine line then, but I think there’s no escaping now (again, judging from the comments) that cooking for someone can be one of the most romantic, most personal things you can do.

I read (or heard?) somewhere that this gesture necessitates letting one’s guard down – melting all of one’s defenses – and showing that thought, time, and care are going into the creation of something special.

No wonder, that’s one of a host of reasons why cooking for someone could be such a big deal.  You’re showing that you (may) like someone.  That plain.  That simple.  That scary to think about.  That difficult to admit.

Now, I need to go back and deal with my invitation to be a “guest chef.” Hahaha!